Implementing a Real-Time Analytics Engine Using Big Data Principles

Background One of our clients wanted to build an in-transit entertainment system. Commuters would connect over WiFi to a “media box” installed in a bus and stream audio-visual content on their mobile devices when travelling. Think of it like Netflix in transit. Due to an overwhelming response to the pilot run in one city, their backend analytics system started having...

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Centralized VPN

Security is an important aspect for any software technology company, the practice is to keep the systems not accessible over public networks and to achieve this VPNs are now an integral part of any organization. In today’s cloud computing world, most of the things are remote. Accessing some private network or services, they must be done securely and reliably. This...

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Iptables, blast from the past!

IPtables is a firewall utility which has been there for over two decades. The idea to write this blog came while working on network solutions for the production system, and to brush-up the syntax and present some use cases with real-world usage. We discuss the following topics: Why know about iptables? Syntax explanation with examples. Use cases: Make a machine...

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